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Terms & Conditions

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                                         The owners of the villa welcome you and wish you a nice stay and lovely holiday.


     In accepting the house keys, you undertake to be responsible on behalf of the owners to take care of the property as if it was your own. We wish to ensure your safety and assist your enjoyment of your stay.

Terms & Conditions


General conditions for short term rental:

Dear guests, please carefully read the terms and conditions of use conditions for rent, as well as those on how to backup and realization of payments. When booking a villa or apartment automatically conclude a lease between the landlord and a representative of the group that carried out the reservation. With each reservation, it is assumed that the guests are met in detail the terms of use. The lease takes effect after the reservation has been confirmed by a phone call or reverse e-mail to specified online booking form.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may lose the right to use the leased property from you without being released from their financial obligations to Balchik Holidays. With payment of the reservation fee tenant confirms that he is familiar with the general conditions applicable to the particular property and agrees with them. The following conditions are valid for reservations made by and through Balchik Holidays and bind tenants and property owners.

We encourage you to read and pay special attention to the general conditions of rent, as well as those on how to backup and realization of payments. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may lose the right to use the leased property from you without being released from their financial obligations to Balchik Holidays. With payment of the reservation fee tenant confirms that he is familiar with the general conditions applicable to the particular property and agrees with them. The following conditions are valid for reservations made by and through Balchik Holidays and bind tenants and property owners.

1. Number of guests:

The number of tenants can’t exceed the capacity of a given property referred to in website or brochure. The number of guests must match the number of beds that the property has. When can accommodate additional customers sofa / couch / bed or else, it is stated in the description of the property or provide information via e-mail upon request by the client. Access or entry into the property will be denied if visitors exceed the specified number of guests when making a reservation. In the property are not allowed pets.

2. Time of arrival and departure of property:

If nothing else is mentioned on the website, brochure, price list or lease to check-in date is 15:00 pm. Local time and release time on the day of departure is 11:00 am. local time. In later accommodation or early departure no refund of the rental price and will not be liable if the customer has submitted incorrect information on the details of arrival and departure.


3. Cleaning, towels and bed linen:

The cleaning of the property, bed linen and towels in the bathroom is done once a week. If tenants require additional cleaning of the property, it can be arranged for an additional fee depending on the type and size of property. Bath towels and clean linen are provided in each property. Please note that towels are not included in the rental price and are not available in any of the advertised sites. If the towels and linen are not returned at the end of the stay in acceptable condition, the value of the wasted ones will be covered by the deposit for damages.

4. Transfers:

Transfers are organized from and to Varna Airport and Burgas. Transfers are organized by Balchik Holidays, but is effected by a third party based on the number of people. Responsibility of tenants to submit correct information, to arrange suitable transport.

5. Accuracy of information on this site:

Balchik Holidays operates as an agent for the leasing of private rental properties and therefore responsible for the mediation between tenants and property owners. All information on the website ( is based on personal inspection of the property and the area by our representative and / or the information provided by the site owners or their representatives. Balchik Holidays makes every effort to be honest and objective with respect to the details, but because the advertised properties are privately owned, the Agency can’t be held liable for changes in the offered properties or areas where they are located, which it was not informed in advance. Information on any other site where Balchik Holidays advertised can’t be considered valid or correct.

6. Rental prices:

Prices are fixed at the time of booking and can’t be increased by the owner of the site or the official agency in already accepted reservation deposit. If nothing else is mentioned, the rental price is for the whole site and is shown in Levs, euros or British pounds. Payment is accepted in declared currency conversions explicitly negotiable.

7. Confirmation of the reservation:

Balchik Holidays will confirm the reservation by sending an e-mail containing the following details: the name of the reserved property, the exact dates of arrival and departure, the total rental price, terms of payment of the reservation deposit, the amount of the carrying amount of the reservation date and payment methods. This Balchik Holidays confirms your temporary reservation, which is valid up to 5 working days. Within these five days the customer is obliged to pay the reservation deposit. During the activity of the temporary reservation Balchik Holidays is committed not to offer property and weeks / months of your stay to customers. The agency is not responsible for spam filters or other programs for which you have not received our e-mail. Upon receipt of the reservation amount, your reservation is confirmed and within 24 hours after that, the client sends reservation receipt containing information for your stay, the price paid and contacts in charge of the property. It is vital to check the details entered in the receipt as this is the basis for accommodation. After the expiry of the temporary reservation and if within 5 days not received payment of the reservation, Balchik Holidays reserves the right to offer requests your property to other potential customers, without prior notice to you about it.

8. Payment of the carrying amount:

Payment of the balance of the accommodation must be made not later than six weeks before arrival or with explicit confirmation from Balchik Holidays in cash on arrival. If the carrying amount is not paid in time, Best Bulgaria Home Care reserves the right to cancel your reservation and to keep the fees described in point 10. Balchik Holidays does not send notice of the date on which the pending balance payment. Commitment to customers is to monitor the deadline for payment of the balance.

9. Payment of deposit against damage:

For short-term rentals:

Depending on the type of property, the customer is obliged to pay an additional reservation deposit or the day of arrival deposit against damages ranging from 200,00 to 400,00 Euro. The deposit can be doubled when the vacation property rented by youth groups (clients under 25 years average age) groups of the same sex or rent for occasions like Christmas and New Year. Damage deposit is refundable in full after or the day of departure, if they have not caused any damage to the property and property during your stay. As damage is accepted and the state in which the property is left. Commitment to customers is to bring the property into a state similar to that in which they found it. All costs associated with additional cleaning, worn towels and linens and more. They will be deducted from damage deposit.

10. Cancellations, substitutions and adjustments - by tenants:

If the customer wishes to make any changes to the already confirmed reservation, Balchik Holidays will do everything possible to meet the desired amendments, if it is requested in writing via e-mail or letter to the office of the contact person for the group. The following changes can be made without penalty for change: change in the number of customers to the maximum allowed for the villa, change the names of clients, time of arrival and departure time of the property extension of stay, when possible.


At the request of the customer to shorten the already confirmed stay or to change the reserved property, Balchik Holidays reserves the right to consider it as cancellation of booking and to impose appropriate sanctions. If you need to cancel your reservation, pay a reservation deposit, which represents 50% of the total price for the entire stay will not be refunded.

11. Cancellations, substitutions and adjustments - made by the agency or by the owners:

Because the rental details are planned months before the start of the season in the event of termination of the contractual relationship between the agency and the owners (applies to private bids), mistakes in bookings damages caused to property as a result of force majeure, Balchik Holidays reserves the right to make changes to reservations or very rarely cancel the reservation made by the customer. If need be canceled, the tenant has the freedom to choose the following:

- Adopt another proposed by the Agency property of such quality and level of such rental price at no extra charge.

- To choose independently alternative property.

- Cancel your reservation and receive the full amount paid rental price.

12. Obligations of tenants:

By receiving the key to the property, the tenant undertakes on behalf of the owner to care for the conditions of the property and adjacent property, to observe generally accepted rules and norms (please see below section). We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of the rules and regulations imposed on the property and the relevant area of ​​the property (resort). At the discretion of the representative of the property, be it owner, in charge of the property, representative of the agency or another agent if his behavior tenants violate of ease of neighbors or others shall not apply with respect and respect for property and damage to property Balchik Holidays has the right to terminate the lease relationships with clients at any time. Agency assumes no obligations to find alternative property or other accommodation, to cover any costs due to relocation, and to recover amounts already paid rent.

If guests plan to hold an event like a wedding or party,which includes a large number of people or if guests intend to use the property for any purpose other than rest are obliged to inform the representatives of Balchik Holidays at time of booking. Special approval or arrangements should be concluded between the guest and the agency. Depending on their nature of the event, additional fee and / or additional security deposit / may be required, which will be agreed and confirmed in writing before you confirm the booking.

In cases of violation of public order and reported to law enforcement, guests take full responsibility in resolving the case. If you impose sanctions, fines, regulations, forms and other penalties provided for by the Bulgarian legislation by the police, they are covered by the guests whose presence infringements were established.

Guests are required to comply with accepted norms of behavior and to ensure that all guests and visitors of the villa behave appropriately reasonable way. Illegal or immoral activities, including gambling, prostitution, illicit drug possession or use of fireworks or dangerous goods, and possession or use of firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited. Smoking in the villa is prohibited, unless otherwise provided in the booking confirmation.

13. Duties of the agency and the owners:

In cases where a property site is marked as 'private offer' service cleaning, maintenance of pool and garden, minor repairs on the property, etc., are provided and implemented by third parties engaged by the owners and Balchik Holidays will direct control over subcontractors. Responsibility of tenants is to connect immediately with Balchik Holidays has discovered an irregularity in the property. The tenant is obliged to give the Balchik Holidays, owner or agent of the owner reasonable time to be removed noticed damage / defect. Balchik Holidays is not responsible if tenants leave the property without notice to the agency owner or representative for the open failure / defect or without giving reasonable time for removing the problem or not allow the agency to move customers to another property.

Balchik Holidays is not responsible for changes that do not directly relate to property - such as fishing permit opportunities for swimming beaches closed roads, shops, bus stops moved, closed restaurants, public facilities and more.

Balchik Holidays is not responsible for climate change, which would affect the stay of customers.

Balchik Holidays and owners can‘t be responsible for local issues with water supply or power outages in the area of ​​the property which are beyond the authority and control of the agency and the owners. No responsible for any accidents occurred in the installations of the property or equipment failure, blockage of the channel or the presence of insects can be searched by the agency or by the owners. Balchik Holidays will make every effort to organize the timely removal of the fault and will cooperate fully to removing the problem.

Neither Balchik Holidays, or property owners may be responsible for Direct or indirect injuries or accidents that may arise due to use cord of the property or the adjacent pool of clients during their stay, including damages and losses due to fire, robbery or criminal behavior.


General information about the properties and areas:

Dear customers, the following additional information about the properties and their places available gives you more details. We recommend that you better know before you book. A copy of this information can be found in the rented your property.

1. Air-conditions:

Where the property has air conditioning, it usually wall-mounted fixtures in the bedrooms and living room. Please use them only when necessary and only when all windows and doors are closed to allow the air conditioning to work most effectively. When you are outside the property, make sure all units are turned off before you leave

2. Time of arrival:

Usually, accommodation before 15:00 on the day of arrival is not allowed. Where is arriving before 15:00 can be ensured only leave luggage and tenants will be asked to breakfast or lunch at their own expense in a nearby restaurant until the property is fully prepared.

Guests are registered and required ID card and signing a statement of the rules of use of the villa and the pool.

3 beds, baby cots and bedding:

- Usually the beds are standard size, except in cases where discrepancy is not explicitly mentioned. The mattresses are often thinner than the accepted UK standards, but meeting those in Bulgaria.

- Baby cots and baby high chairs are provided by Balchik Holidays by arrangement.

- Bed linen and bath towels are available in each of the proposed property. Usually the beds are loaded before arrival. Bed linen and bath towels are changed once a week. If your stay is 10 days in the first screen intermediate cleaning of five days, and when the stay is 14 days make an interim cleaning 7 days with bed linen and towels.

- Towels for the beach are not offered in any of the sites. Please keep in mind to wear your own.

4. car:

It is recommended to have a rental car during your stay, as access to major attractions and amenities in areas (such as beach, ski slopes, public facilities, entertainment venues, etc.) Is at least 3 - 5 km. If you are considering to arrive with your own car in your chosen property, please check in advance with Balchik Holidays options for parking in and around the property. It is better to make reservation car hire in advance, Tuck as in the high season, the selection of available cars is very limited. You can make reservations directly from our website:

5. Cleaning:

The properties are cleaned once a week. Where noted the site cleaning "once a week", it means that make intermediate cleaning - on the seventh day of a two-week stay at reservation; on the 7th and 14th day in a three-week reservation. In 10 days booking is made of five days. Intermediate cleaning is never done when booking a week, Tuck as the property was already prepared for placement. Additional cleaning beyond those mentioned above can be made upon request and it is charged. When leaving, the property is expected to be found in a state similar to that in which he was hired - please note that:

- To wash all the dishes and put them back in place; To clean the filter of the dishwasher, if he has one.

- To return to the ground eventually relocated furniture and garden furniture

- Remember to clean you are using barbecue

- To dispose of the last garbage collected at the property in a public collection containers

If the property is not brought in good condition and result in additional costs for cleaning after your stay can be deducted sums from the deposit against damage.

6. Insects, animals:

Since the vast majority of the properties are located in rural areas or woodlands are surrounded by fields and lawns, you may be visited by animals / insects from nearby areas. Ants are attracted to food left around to it in your best interest to keep the property as clean.

7. Time to leave the property:

All properties are left until 11:00 on the day of departure. This is the technological time needed for preparation for the next customers. Whenever possible, can be provided and late check out, but only after coordination and confirmation by the manager / supervisor of the property.

8. Electricity and water:

Electricity and water supply are generally permanent, but can sometimes happen to have an accident or suspension.

If you have impaired water supply or interruption of electrical power for more than two hours, please contact us for further information.

9. Gardens:

Most of our sites have grass lawns and gardens that are maintained regularly by the team of Balchik Holidays. The visits take place once a week when our gardeners mow the lawn, by prior arrangement with the tenants for convenient day and time.

As in some of the gardens has movable sprinklers grass set to pour into the late hours Clockwork, please kindly visitors not to displace the sprinkler and not touch clockwork foreign fountain.

In all villas around the pool has loungers located on the pavement around the pool. Please kindly visitors not to put sunbeds in lawns and other items and towels, which would damage the green grass.

Some sunbeds have mattresses (mattress), please keep in mind when using them with litter pool towels as it does several things from sun lotions.

10. Gas:

None of the properties advertised at the time provided no acceleration.

11. Risks:

Where possible, any potential risks of the properties are noted in description. It is understandable that when he made such a remark responsibility of tenants to approach with due attention to these risks. It is also understandable that the obvious risks such as the availability of the pool, well, access to the busy road, and others require the same responsible attitude and attention no matter whether it is mentioned in the description of the property or not.

12. Heating:

In case it is not otherwise indicated in the description, offered properties have no central heating. Those who come in low summer season or in high winter season normally have provided electric heating - radiators or combined cold / warm air conditioners.

13. Assistance:

When a problem occurs on the property should contact the supervisor / manager / your property as soon as possible. Please check the contact information on arrival.

14. Property:


All properties we offer are furnished with aesthetic soundness and variety in style. Comfort and luxury vary according to the price at which attach. We have tried to provide everything you need tenants to feel at home. Please reserve a property when read in the description of what has property.

The cleaning of the property is done by professional maids of Balchik Holidays.

In most houses, there are various IP television channels in different languages, wi -fi and internet to 20 Mbps.

15. Insurance:

It is advisable to make personal insurance and to make sure that all group members are insured for any damage or personal responsibility. Check if you have car insurance if you travel with your car.

16. Arriving at the property:

Manager or supervisor will be waiting for you to arrive at the property or at the airport after preliminary appointmenttime and place. It is desirable to be in the arrival times of 15 to 18 hours. However, if circumstances outside tenant’s reasons such as a later flight delay etc., A delay, a company representative will be waiting at the property after prior notification of the delay.

17. Number of people in the group:

It is essential to provide preliminary information on the exact number of people in the group, divided into: adults, children (2 to 12 years) and infants (up to 2 years). If you miss, it is possible the property can’t be properly prepared for your arrival. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation if the number of people in the group exceeds the stated maximum capacity of the property. Caravan in the yard to increase the capacity of the property is strictly prohibited.

18. Pets:

As a rule, pets are not allowed in the advertised sites. For owners who are unable to part with your dog, we offer hotel for dogs, which is located in the area.

19. Standards for noise:

Many of the properties are razpolgat in settlements or holiday areas, so please follow the rules for making noise, according to municipal regulations, namely not to be noisy in the hours of 23 am to 8 in the morning and 14 to 16 o'clock.

20. Waste:

Tenants are required to dump waste collected at the property every second day in designated public containers. Check with the operator of the property location of the nearest ones on arrival. This is not only hygienic reasons but also in order to reduce the risk of odors and collection of insects around the property. Please remember the day of departure to dispose and last gathered waste.

21. Security:

Made all the effort to ensure safety in the property, but tenants are required to take on its responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone in the group. Upon arrival you should familiarize yourself well with the property and the adjacent courtyard. Pay attention to children about potential hazards such as stairs, hills, balconies and especially the pool. The pool must have indications of the depth of water placed nearby. Please make sure that all of the group are aware of them. Private pools are never big enough and deep diving. If there are no indications of depth, please contact the person in charge of the property for further information and / or carefully log the first time to yourself in depth. Inside the property pay attention to children about potential dangers like, balconies, railings, stairs, hidden stairs and others. Never allow children to climb on the railings of the balconies and always keep windows and doors closed to the terraces when not in use. Upon arrival, ask the person in charge of the property give you instructions on how to handle kitchen appliances, security system, and other equipment available Property jacuzzi, safe, satellite TV and so on.. Please be as vigilant as you are at home - always lock windows / doors and turn SOD system when you leave the property. Always keep the front door locked, even when you are in the property and / or around the pool.

22. Damage deposit, inventory and property damage:

The deposit can range from 200 to 500 Euros, depending on the type of property that is leased. It must be paid on the day of receipt of the key. Methods of payment of the deposit shall be specified for each property individually and information it receives from the agency at the time of booking the property. The deposit is repairing itself in full only after thorough inspection of the property by the person in charge of the property and in case you have not caused any damage during your stay. The officer checks the condition of the property in the presence of a representative of the group just before leaving not to be allowed any objections, so please specify appropriate time to view both sides. Visco We appreciate your patience while waiting for the property to be inspected. During your stay, please Inform responsible for the property damage found on arrival or those caused by you. If you still have to deduct the amount of the deposit due to damage incurred during the stay shall be deducted not the entire deposit and the amount of which amounted damage.

23. Pools:

It is important to inquire in person and by each member of the group for the pool before using it. Jumping is strictly prohibited in all pools, since they are rarely dostaachno large and deep for that. Standard sizes of pools are: 8 m / 4 m / 1.60 m or 10 m / 5 m / 1.80 meters but may vary for different objects. The pools are maintained by the company Balchik Holidays. Please check with the operator of the property on arrival in the days of the week are visits by the company for maintenance. Other days it is recommended that customers use Keppel skimmers leaves or dirt from the surface of the pool. Please note that 1 hour after the pool of chemicals, its use is strictly prohibited. Use of the pool is just after showering to prevent an allergic reaction between sunscreen chemicals for maintenance of the water. It is recommended taking a shower after using the pool.

Cleaning the pool is done 2 times a week by professionals working in the Balchik Holidays, after a preliminary ugovorkas tenants for the day and time of the visit. A change in weather conditions like rain, storm, strong wind, our team can visit the pool overtime prevention and check water parameters.

Heated pools - most pools are equipped with solar blankets that warm the water further and prevent the fall of leaves and insects. Visitors can put the cover after using the pool if you want warmer water and less trash in the pool.

24. Television and the Internet:

In most houses have an IP TV with channels in different languages: Russian, German, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Turkish and so on. In some of the villas has a Play Station and DVD, and hard disks with movies and videos to CDs who must remain undamaged on the spot in their boxes after the stay.

25. Roads and access to property:

Some of the properties are located in not so good ways that have uneven or steep. So be aware in advance of the location of the property before booking.

26. Tenants problems in the movement:

Due to the specificity in terrain and distance of objects from public facilities, many areas are not suitable for people with problems in the movement.

27. Washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, garbage disposer, electric. Appliances:

When using these devices, please adhere to the instructions for use. Caused damage due to improper use will be charged from the deposit against damage. Ensuring adequate preparations and substances for use of these appliances are borne by the tenants as such are not provided on arrival at the property. Some properties have left samples. Please if you do not know how to use one device to contact us to make you a manual.

28. Toilets:

Many of the properties have private septic tanks instead of central sewer and in most cases the local network of the facility is built with a narrow plumbing pipes. This means that even toilet paper are not allowed to be disposed of in toilets. Clogging of drains is extremely unpleasant and very expensive for removing accident. In such cases it is necessary to call a specialized company. The costs of removing the problem will be charged to the tenants as the occurrence of an accident of this type could be regarded as accidental or caused by negligence.

29. Additional Terms until the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation:

Due to the complicated situation in connection with the closure of borders, airports or cities, a reservation can be maintained by offering other dates to the "Guest", in very rare cases, moving the "Guest" for the next year, as the dates reserved for the current season remain the same. This is possible only in the presence of evidence presented by the "Guest" for his impossible arrival, his and the other members of the group for the dates reserved on his behalf and at his expense for the villa.
In the presence of already received reservations and duplication of dates, the "Guest" is offered other dates close to the dates in his current reservation. In case the "Guest" is moved to the next year, the difference in the price per night between the current season and the next season of the next year, if any, is paid by the guest. In the event that on three proposed dates, the "Guest" refuses the given proposed dates, he loses the amount paid so far on his reservation, and his current reservation is automatically canceled.
Provided that the country from which the "Guest" arrives in the Republic of Bulgaria is not on the list for mandatory quarantine of the citizens of the respective country, and the flights from the country of the "Guest" are open, as well as the borders, then the same he cannot claim cancellation of the reservation with the preference described above and he loses the amount paid so far on his reservation, his dates are released and his reservation is considered canceled.
Such a change of reservation is possible only if the "Guest" has proved the impossibility of traveling to the Republic of Bulgaria due to a complicated situation in connection with COVID-19, not earlier than 4 weeks before its accommodation. Any other changes to the "Guest" reservation after these 4 weeks before check-in are not possible.

Property rules in a nutshell:

- Gardeners and the maintainers of the pool visit the property once or twice a week.

- The property is cleaned, bed linen and towels are done on the seventh day of the stay. If something more is agreed, cleaning begins between 10:30 to 11:30.

- For hygienic reasons, it is recommended that the waste from the property to be disposed of every second day in designated public containers. Please check with the operator of the property on arrival Where is situated closest to your property.

- Please do not leave included air conditioning while outside the property.

- Do not adjust property belonging to the property off site as responsibility for any injury or damage to movable or immovable property during their stay. Tenants are responsible for the actions of third parties, including their friends, acquaintances or visitors who invite in the property. Remember that moving furniture from room to room can cause damage and damage and is generally not advisable to do.

- Damage to furniture or equipment need to be notified to the person in charge of the property as soon as possible. You will have the support of the representative for the fastest possible to remedy the situation.

- We offer a 24 - hour help tenants, but if possible use the telephone line in the hours 22:00 to 7:00 a.m. only in case of extreme necessity and urgency.

- Please Maintain the property to an acceptable purity during your stay and make sure at the end of your stay that leave the leased property in a condition similar to that in which you found it upon arrival. Any additional costs incurred in cleaning and preparing the property will be deducted from the deposit for damages.

- Smoking is tolerated only in the external areas of the property - balconies, garden, pool and so on..

- Remember that the use of the pool is just after showering. It is advisable to take a shower after use. Withholding part or in full damage deposit may be required in finding broken glass / bottle / glass in or around the pool.

- Failure to conventional policy of peace and carrying out noisy activities during the hours 14:00-16:00 and between 23:00 and 08:00 can not be tolerated by your neighbors. During these times, everyone concerned you have the right to appeal to local authorities for assistance. In these cases, cooperation from the charge of the property does not appear.

- Please note that the property is yours to 11:00 on the day of departure. In case of a late departure, coordinate with responsible property possibility of later departure.